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Are Netflix and Amazon Prime really worth it? (Streaming Services Review)

In this article, I am going to look at and discuss why I think both Netflix and Amazon Prime are and aren’t worth the cost per month and which I would be more inclined to get, if either. Both are paid for streaming services, Netflix coming in at £5.99 per month for its basic 1 user only standard definition package and Amazon Prime being included in the overall Prime package at £7.99 a month or £79.99 a year (£39.99 a year for students).



So as mentioned above, the standard package comes in at £5.99 per month for standard defintion viewing and 1 screen at a time, this can however be changed to £8.99 a month,which is the package I am currrently on, that entitles you to 2 viewers at the same time watching in HD. It is worth noting that this will cost £8.99 is after the price increase which is expected to be coming over the next few weeks (at the time of writing this article June 2019).

Now to break this down,you are talking £2.25 a week for 2 people to effectively share an account, so £1 give or a take each a week if you bill your mate/partner or family member for the other half which doesn’t seem like a bad deal. I look at that at it being as an equivalent to half an older film rental or a pack of squashies, the worlds best sweets (not sponsed…yet). Netflix currently has some brilliant TV shows on it, including it’s own, ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Stranger Things’. Now don’t get me wrong, for what you are paying this might seem a steal but I have found myself a couple of times cancelling and then re-enabling my memership and here is why….

To me, the TV shows are great and a good binge watch but once you’ve binged them, that’s it, I mean yes given there is a plethora of films on there but the majority you have probably seen before and not all of them necessarily you’ll want to watch. I find myself at times endlessly scrolling in a zombie haze and finally finding something which I want but then only discovering it was mediocre at best.

The other benefit however to Netflix is it’s ability to allow you to download certain films and tv for offline viewing, which is great if you have a long train journey for example in which you don’t want to have to worry about the poor/below average wifi for streaming. Though I have not used this feature myself, only having done it with Amazon Prime, I can imagine that the file sizes get quite big, quite quickly, which can be concerning if you have a small memory tablet and you might only be about to download 5/6 films in HD at most. I suppose you could argue that the flip size of that is you aren’t having to pay seperately to buy and download films from iTunes/Google Play, but then remember, this feature isn’t available for all the media on there so you might not neccessarily be able to download certain films you want to watch.

The final benefit to mention of Netflix is the ability to cancel and re-enable it when you feel like it you might need it again. As mentioned earlier on in the article, there is a couple of times when I have found nothing I have wanted to watch and have therefore cancelled my membership which is nice and easy. The beauty of it is that it is also just as easily re-enable your account using the same details you signed up with in terms of credit cards etc so you can use the service as and when with no hidden fees.

Overall I would give the service a 7/10, there is plenty of watch given you don’t binge too hard, there are some more up to date titles available on there and the ability to download for offline use can also come in handy. I would however be careful that you do cancel it if you are no longer using the service, as even after just a couple of months of not using it you can find that is easy £24 of wasted money.

Amazon Prime

So now to discuss Amazon Prime and it’s cost, benefits and features. So as mentioned in the initial paragraph, Prime Videos is part of the overall Amazom Prime package offered by Amazon and can either cost £7.99 a month, £79.99 for a year out right or £39.99 for a year as a student. It is worth noting from the offset that this price also includes prime next day delivery and prime music so this isn’t solely for videos/films.

In terms of a weekly breakdown, this will cost you £2 per week for the standard monthly payment, £1.53 per week if you pay yearly as a non student or as little as 76p per week if you are on the student package. Unfortunately unlike Netflix, this subscription can only be used by the owner and cannot be shared between people however arguably for what you get from the service this is a low cost to pay. Another monetary benefit as well is the new movie rental offers. Prime offers discounted rentals on newer titles at just £1.99 a piece, currently covering the new Robin Hood movie for example which I think is quite a bargain.

So what TV/film content does Amazon have to offer you might be thinking? Well, Amazon does it have it’s own shows but nothing quite as good as what Netflix has to offer, whether this is due a lesser budget or due to all the producers going to Netflix I don’t know. Amazon offer older classics such as the whole Two and A Half Men series and The Office (US) which have both been mentioned in a previous article, they have many laughs to offer and could easily be binged within a 30 day trial given you don’t leave the house or don’t have a social life in general. In terms of films, there isn’t many that stand out and I normally find myself swaying towards Netflix on that front, with the exception of a couple titles such as 21 jump street.

Amazon smilar to Netflix, offers you the ability to download content for offline viewing and this I have done before. File sizes range depending on if you are downloading smaller TV series at 20 minutes an episode or films that are a couple hours long but again, as long as you have plenty of storage this shouldn’t be an issue for you. Again, this is unfortunately only available for certain content but as far as I am aware this does cover the TV shows you will actually want to watch, unlike Netflix.

Again, smilar to Prime, you can cancel your prime membership at any given point with no hassle and this will not effect your general Amazon account in terms of card setup etc but you will lose prime next day delivery.

Overall I would give Prime Videos, not including the other services, a 4/10. You do benefit from a good film now and then and there is a few good TV series to binge through but this could be done using a 30 day trial. I feel like Prime Video should be viewed as how it is, an additional add on to the Prime Delivery and should be looked at less as in indepedent service. If you are looking at getting Prime for delivery then it isn’t too bad, I wouldn’t pay the price for this service alone however.


So based on all the points I have raised, Netflix is arguably the better option if you are solely looking for a video streaming service and you don’t want to take any other factors into consideration. As discussed, it is a fair price for what shows/films it does have to offer, however make sure you don’t get stung by any additional charge if you don’t use for a while and leave it auto renewing.

I think both servives are worth it but only if you definitely know you will have the time to invest but not too much time as you will quickly get through content. Don’t forget that at the end of the day this is solely my opinion, there is also other more expensive streaming services out there such as Now TV and Sky Movies but don’t forget it is what is best financially and content wise for you.

As always thank you for reading, if you have feedback then please comment below or suggest any alternatives you know of.





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