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Films You Might Not Know Of/Guilty Pleasures

So today I thought I would write an article discussing my guilty pleasure films/films you might not have heard of. I am sure that everybody has them, whether it be a rom com that blokes love to deny they actually like, e.g. the notebook which I haven’t seen, or whether people think Saw is just twisted but really they enjoy it. These also, well in my case, are films that have in some cases been highly slated by the general viewers or are just that crap that they are actually good or one’s you might just have not have heard of.

That Awkward Moment (2014)

Okay so I am going to say first of all that this film is not rubbish, or at least not in my opinion, and sits at 6.2/10 on IMDB at the time of writing this review which is if anything average/watchable. The film stars Zac Efron,Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan playing 3 males who all find themsleves in that awkward situation of asking themselves ‘where is this actually going?’ when they start new relationships.

I class this as a guilty pleasure as it is technically a rom com and probably is deemed to too lovey for a male to be watching but I absolutely love it, Michael B Jordan is one of my current favourite actors and this film actually made me start to like Zac Efron and appreciate his work more. This film also stars Imogen Poots who you may know as that lass from Need For Speed and she plays Zac’s love interest within the film.

This film frequently appears and dis-appears on Netflix’s availability list but I would highly recommend watching it when you have a chance. I would give the film a 7 or 8 personally as there are plenty of laughs to be had, it has an awesome cast and it’s a film you can just either watch when you are bored or even have on the background as there isn’t too much story line to follow.

Piranha 3DD (2012)

Okay, now this one is definitely a crap film but it’s one of those that it is so bad that it is actually good. Imagine that you are in a water park minding out your own business and you feel a nibble, ‘Have I caught my foot in the vent again?’, well unfortunately not Bob, that’s a prehistoric Piranha that is hungry for blood and wants feeding. This film follows on from Piranha 3d (2010) and stars the like of Danielle Panabaker, best known for her role in the Flash, David Koechner, who you may know from Anchorman or The Office (US) and there is even an appearance by Christopher Lloyd, who is well – Christopher Lloyd.

See this film is a different kettle of fish so to speak, I mean it is literally a species of fish but you get my point. Again, this is one of them films where you just have to switch off your brain and forget that anybody tried to ever take this film seriously, I mean it’s a 3.7/10 on IMDB so you can literally expect nothing from this film. I remember seeing this post sixth form with a mate at the last showing and there was us two and one other person watching it…in the back corner…in an empty screen (cough,camera,cough).

This is one of them films where you can tell that is it not going anywhere anytime soon and that you hope none of the cast took seriously when filming but it’s a barrel of laughs. Just a heads up though, if you have heard of or have watched ‘Teeth’ and thought that was a bit gruesome then there is a certain scene in ‘Piranha 3dd’ which might have you feeling a bit sick.

If you think you are bored enough to give it a go then it is actually on Youtube at the moment so you can watch it for free, you might waste some of your life but at least you won’t waste any money right, if anything you can watch it and tell yours mates to avoid it if you hate it that much.


We Are Your Friends (2015)

Ah yes, 2015’s ‘We Are Your Friends’, I remember this one well and not just because I have seen it about 5 or 6 times and the soundtrack is planted deep within my small brain. This film sticks out to me as being one of 3 films I saw within a 2 week period in the Summer of 2015 when it came out, it also included watching ‘Hitman:Agent 47’ which was diabolical and another film which I can’t remember or I want to forget.

‘We Are Your Friends’ is yet another film staring Zac Efron, this time as a wannabe up and coming DJ,  Emily Ratajkowski as his mentors’ girlfriend turned Jaguar driver turned love interest who you’ll probably know from her modelling career, and Jon Bernthal aka the ‘If you boys want to make some real money then holla at me’ guy, who you’ll know as the Punisher from the TV series.

This is another one of them films which is a guilty pleasure because whilst I loved it, the other 5-6 people I saw it with at the time where like ‘Bro, what’s shit s**t’ or however we would have worded it 4 years ago. The film has an ace soundtrack if you want something to pump you for a run or want some ‘tunes’ for chilling, there is even a scientific explaination on the different BPM music in the film which is obviously factually correct (trust me, it isn’t).

The film is just one of them generic ‘I’m chasing my dreams even though they are totally unrealistic but I will get help along the way’ films. It is about broship at the end of the day and it’s just about having a good laugh, listening to some techno and watching Zac Efron trying to make it as a douchey dude who wants to live the high life with his ‘brothers’. This film is on and off on Netflix like ‘That Awkward Moment’ so I would wait it out until it’s on there and give it a watch with the bros or the sis’s or own your own, your choice really.


The Pools Boys (2009)

Matthew Lillard, Shaggy Rogers,Dean Boland (Good Girls), whatever you want to know him as, well this is him as a Pool Boy as the title suggests and this is another film that has probably gone under your radar as I don’t think it was ever really advertised, or at least I didn’t see much for it. So the film revolves around Roger played by Matthew trying to get his cousin, Alex (played by Brett Davern) working for him after promising him an internship when his previous one goes wrong which then ends up them turning a borrowed mansion into a different kind of business.

This is arguably not a guilty pleasure film as it probably leads more towards ‘The Films You Might Know Of’ part of this blog post. The film is stupid fun, like the entries previously on this list, there is no substance, there is no gripping storyline, it is just dumb fun which is solely there for a laugh and nothing more. The film stood out to me because of it staring Matthew Lillard, who I should hopefully be meeting July, as I loved him in Scream, truth betold I can’t even remember how I came across this film.

The film sits at a rating of 4.7/10 on IMDB which is below average but maybe people are just being too harsh or maybe it is actaully a fitting score. This is one of those films where if it’s ever on TV I would watch it out if there is nothing else on, much like the later entries in the American Pie saga, which are there for the sake of being there. Admittedly I do have an imported blu-ray copy but it’s sole purpose is for getting signed at London with it being something different.


The Fast and Furious Franchise

Last but not least is the Fast and Furious Franchise, however I am sure plenty of you will be aware of this franchise, and if not – have you been living under a tree?! This franchise is a guilty pleasure because of the countless times I have watched different entries of the franchise and how I will never get bored of seeing a Ferrari getting smoked by the Toyota Supra, long live the JDM!

This is one of them franchise’s where the first half of it is great, with plenty of story and substance and then they start changing things, adding new people and it slowly detoriates, sorry ‘The Rock’ but this is one Franchise that you aren’t saving. For those that don’t know, the franchise follows Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, and his team as they participate in illegal underground racing, get into other illegal activites and do up there cars to prove the bigger the price tag doesn’t neccesarily mean the better the car.

If you haven’t seen this franchise yet then I would suggest you start from the very beginning with 2001’s entry ‘The Fast and the Furious’, the films aren’t in chronological order because the third film is actually set later on in the franchise but I would argue that doesn’t matter all that much. The films do appear on Netflix now and then but the boxset will probably be pretty cheap on Amazon at this point given how old the films are, if anything watch the first 4 at least as this is when it is majortively racing before it becomes more of an action film containing supercars you’ll never be able to afford.


Articles Coming Soon

Thank you if you have made it this far and have read the full article, here are some upcoming ones: Rocketman Review, hopefully I will see this within the next week; X-Men:Dark Phoenix Review, this is subject to the film still being in the cinemas given how badly it has been rated by the public.


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