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Overlord – Horror done right.

So today I took advantage of my £1.49 movie rental on google play movies and used it to watch J.J.Abram’s 2018 horror piece Overlord. This film is set around a small group of soldiers stuck behind enemy lines on the eve of d-day as they discover more about an unspeakable evil that Nazi’s are working on in effort to win the war.


The Good

So the total run time of this film is 1 hour and 50 minutes which is perfect in my books. It provides enough time to give background to the characters and an introduction which will have you shaking. The film does not feel over rushed and it provides the depth needed to make you become attached to the characters as they grow as individuals.

The movie also benefits heavily from a cinematic stand point as the scenes are shot in a way that keeps you involved with the action at all times and it gives that horror/war aesthetic which you would expect from a film with a 38 million dollar budget.The way it is shot along with the character development makes for a unique film in what recently seems to have become a lot of jump scare/cheaply made horror films that personally don’t appeal.

Though I did not recognise the majority of the cast members, Wyatt Russell stood out to me from playing his role as ‘Zook’ in 2014’s 22 Jump Street, which is available on amazon prime currently by the way. Wyatt plays Ford, the leader of the small group who’s methods are ruthless which he sees as necessary when fighting an evil of this level. There is one scene in particular, towards the back end of the first half of the film which really makes him stand out as a bad a## character.

The polar opposite character of Ford, Boyce placed by Jovan Adepo shows a more hearted approach as he becomes friendly with Chloe, a lady who helps the crew along the way. Though I have not seen Jovan in a film before he played the character well showing deep emotion and I hope to see him in future films.

Finally, the horror/gore aspect. My gosh was there brutality, I found this movie balanced the horror/gore well as it gave that dark aesthetic which was not over the top and only used it when necessary. I will warn any squirmish people that this is probably not the film for you as some parts are a bit gut wrenching, I would argue they are somewhat comparable to the saw franchise.


The Bad

Though as just mentioned the film managed to mix the horror/gore aspect well, I don’t feel like it managed to mix the action/background story as well. The movie starts with a great action sequence and though there is some inbetween it is not really until the very end of the film, around the last 20-25 minute mark, that the film picks up. It has me thinking and wishing, that the film could have been lengthened by about 10 minutes to hit the 2 hour mark and just provide a slight bit more action.

The ‘main’ villain was arguably another downside to the film as though he was formidable and posed a threat, he seemed like a general villain with a motive. The film could have benefited by having a larger scheme in my eyes as the threat seemed quite compact into this one little village/town that the film is set in.


Overall Feelings

Overall I feel like this film stood out from the crowd, providing a change from the generic jump scare films that seem to be frequently coming out at the moment. As mentioned the film could have benefited from more action/a better villain but overall this movie is still a solid flick. For me, any horror fans/zombie fans will enjoy this if you switch your mind off for a 1hr 50 minutes period and therefore I am giving it a 7.5/10.



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