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Pet Sematary (2019) – Dead or Alive?

So today I had the pleasure of watching the 2019 reboot of Pet Semetary, which has the tagline – ‘somtimes dead is better’. I can guarantee after watching this film starring Jason Clarke as Louis you will be brain dead because of how weird and stupid this film is. Anyway, to the review….but just before I will give an outline to the story. To summarise the film,a family of four moves into a house which backs onto a pet cemetary where the locals bury their pets,and that backs onto an area in which people bury their pets to bring them back in a more dead but bad##s state.


The Good

So before I totally rip into this film I will try and describe some of the good points in it. The film does have some jump scares here and there and the resurrected cat is a bit messed up and provides some comedy value. Jason Clarke who plays the main family man ‘Louis’ is an addition to the cast and will be recognised by a lot of people alongside the families next door neighbour ‘Jud’ played by John Lithgow.

The other benefit of the film is that it is 1 hour and 41 minutes long which isn’t too short nor too lengthy and there are plenty of opportunities to go to the toilet as you can garuntee you won’t miss anything major.


The Bad or in this case the REALLY BAD

So, as you can probably have guessed by the the opening paragraph I did not rate this film highly. It was one of the films of recent times that I have gone into with very little expectations and I am glad I did. It feels like though the jump scares are there, they aren’t good enough to keep you entertained.

I feel like the concept was wasted and could have been better utilised  given it was written by Stephen King as a novel and with the success of IT and the announcement of its sequel. The idea of being able to resserect loved animals could have been extended and the end feels rushed.


Overall Feelings

Honestly I didn’t like this film but doesn’t mean you will be of the same opinion. Honestly I don’t appreciate the film and from me it’s an overall 4/10. I would not reccomend this film and I hope the short review reflects this.


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