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Rocketman 2019 – Did it soar it to success or fall by the side?

Last Sunday I watched 2019’s Rocketman,a film I had been looking forward to for the past couple of weeks but I hadn’t got a chance to watch yet. The film had 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody to live up to, with the film following the story of Reginald Dwight, better known as Elton John, in his younger years, growing up and coming to terms with his fame, his sexuality, his alcohol and drug addictions. So could this compete with Bohemian Rhapsody? Would I class it in the same category of film? Would I watch it again? Well keep reading to find out.

The Groovy

First and foremost, I am quite a big fan of Taron Egerton who played Elton himself, having seen him in the first kingsman film and absolutely loving it but hearing him perform Elton’s songs in this was pretty dam cool. Yes, for those of you who aren’t aware, Taron actually sings the songs in Rocketman and the soundtrack is available to play/download on spotify for those who want a listen before going to the cinema to see it.

Not only was it nice to see Taron in a different role but for those avid Jurrasic Park fans you might spot Bryce Dallas Howard playing Elton’s mum, who played Claire in both Jurrasic World and Jurrasic World:Fallen Kingdom. Though she is not in the film as much in the later acts, it was nice to see her again in a different role, much like Taron.

The film not only benefited from the cast but I also think it benefited from its somewhat musical aspect. Personally I am not the biggest musical fan, however I thought the way that this film incorporated it was great because it felt natural, and it wasn’t constant enough to distract you from the main story. I would argue this film might be suited towards those looking for a musical film rather then a biography because even though it is a biography, it only brought you up to a certain point of Eltons life, which I felt was good given the length of the film but more could have been shown to bring us up to his modern day life.

The final positive to note is how the film stands out from the crowd. For me, this was a film that you couldn’t compare with others, I went into it expecting something similar to Bohemiam Rhapsody but the beauty of it is that this is it’s own film, you can’t compare them and I want people to realise that. I think once you come to except this and don’t look for what was better or worse in this film then you get to except it as what it is, a great storytelling of Elton’s early years and how his family and social circle impacted his early years in music.

The Flat Notes

As I mentioned further up, the main disappointment I found with this film is that it did not completely tell Elton’s story up to modern day. The film got up to the point of him admitting to his addictions but then it just went with a generic approach of stating facts/figures relating to his later life. To me they could have benefited from bringing Elton in at the end with remaining members of family/friends to discuss his current life, rather just provide us with information.

Following on from this, I felt like the film was a bit lengthy, it sat at just over two hours but I think it could have done to be slightly shorter, around the 1 hour 45 minutes mark as it seemed to start dragging to the end. To me, I feel like there is certain scenes that could have been cut out or certain songs that could have been cut down to be a bit shorter.

Overall Feelings

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and felt like it was nice mix of a biography with a musical and I would give it a 6.5/10. The film had its stand out moments and provided a deep look into the start of Elton’s career, however the film could have benefited from being slightly shorter in my opion and as mentioned earlier in the article could have shown more of his current life. Personally I would go for the two for one option if you are not a die hard fan.

P.s. please don’t go into this expecting something similar to Bohemian Rhapsody.





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