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Shazam (2019) Movie Poster

Shazam – DC’s saviour?

So last Wednesday I saw DC’s Shazam, the story of a little kid with a big heart, who is given the power of shazam, and can say the word ‘Shazam’ at any point to become an adult with super powers. With the recent release of DC’s films including Batman vs Superman and Justice League, I was admittedly skeptical going into this film as I felt like DC had lost their way but could this film redeem them?

The Good

Shazam is a heart felt film and for one I love how it makes you become attached the characters. The film is mainly set in a foster home in where Billy Batson (Asher Angel) starts to live after being caught by the police during his search for his mother. Asher’s Billy gets you at the heart strings and you become attached to him and the other foster kids seeing what they go through and seeeing how Billy initially treats them.

Shazam also provides a solid villain in Dr.Sivana who is played by Mark Strong whom you might know from the Kingsman films. Dr.Sivana is an adult who we see as a child in the beginning of the film, being rejected by the wizard at the start of the film due to being greedy and giving into lust. As an adult Dr.Sivana later discovers how he can regain access to see the wizard, to try and gain the power he truly desires, and in doing so becomes the villian who can summon the demononic creatures which are scary. Just a forewarning regarding the creatures,I felt they were quite daunting and arguably more scary than any Marvel Villain so I would be weary of how young children are that you might take to see this film with it being a 12. Dr.Sivana provides a true villain with a motive who wants to gain overall power and Mark Strong plays an incredible part.

The story telling is the third strong part of the film for me.The film is 2 hours and 12 minutes long overall, giving plenty of time to build on the character development and provide plenty of action, but it also allows for the backstory to develop for both Billy and Dr.Sivana whilst also showing the vulnerability of the other foster kids. Billy’s ‘sidekick’ Freddy Freeman played by Jack Dylan Grazer, helps with the development of the story by teaching Billy valuable lessons in being a friend and a superhero and provides a great deal of value to the film.


The Bad.

I am pleased to be able to say that there was a minimal amount of negativies about this film. The only negative that comes to mind which might not be a negative to many is how the action is spread throughout the film. The film seems to have a lot of action in the middle of the second act and towards the back end of the third set but could have benefited from being more distributed. I felt like it got to the back end of the third act and you are worn out, the action becomes a bit repetitive and I feel like the finale was quite similar to any other DC film.


My Overall Feelings

Overall, I was very pleased with this film. If like me you saw the trailer and didn’t like the look of it then you should give it a go regardless. I have yet to watch Aquaman but I have heard good things and between that and Shazam it sounds like DC are really pulling it back. For me this film was a mix of superhero action and a story which was very freshing and needed and therefore from me it is an overall 8/10.

(P.s. I wish I had his powers because I want to be taller even now.)


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