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Spider-Man:Far from Home Review – Was it up the superhero film the franchise deserved?



So after the recently brilliant and highly anticipated Avengers:End Game, we found ourselves with a final trailer for Spider-Man:Far from Home, showing a clip of Peter Parker mourning the death of Tony Stark, who was somewhat a father figure to him. The newest Spider-man film in the franchise follows Peter travelling on a school trip while trying to balance his friendships, ever growing love for MJ and his call to fight evil by Happy and Nick Fury (never ignore a call from Nick Fury). The film stars our newest spiderman incarnation, Tom Holland, who I have loved from the offset due to him actually being younger and I feel like he fills the role of Peters best out of those who have played him so far. It also stars Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury who every fan of the marvel avengers films knows by now, and finally a new addition to the cast, Jake Gyllenhall as Quiten Beck, a mysterious character from a far away planet, here to help our friendly neighbourhood spider fight the forces of evil.


My Spidey Senses Tingled (The Good)

From the offset the film, we see that Peter feels like he has take on the responsibility that once sat on Tony’s shoulders, having to be more then just a superhero, or at least more then just a friendly neighbourhood spider one. Only having his Aunt May left, whom Happy has a thing for, it is shown that Peter is now looking up to Tony as a father figure, given the bond that grew between them in the two previous Avengers film before Tony’s demise in his plan to save the world.

This stood out to me as even though the first film had the ‘With great power comes great responsbility line’, it never really felt like Peter had that much responsibility on his shoulders, especially given there was no integration with the other members of the marvel team. I mean don’t get me wrong, like many others I would agree that Spiderman 2 was a really strong film in the overall franchise but this trumped it for me.

The film shows Peter growing from a little geeky teen, who was a giddy teen excited to be part of the Avengers, to a man who knows his place and is willing to put his life on the line to save those closest to them.

Not only does Tom Holland stand out from the crowd,but it was also awesome to see Jake making a re-appearance, as the previously mentioned mysterious Quiten Beck, also coined as ‘Mysterio’, who you might know having watched the cartoon as a child or reading the comic books butto those who haven’t he is the goldfish bowl head guy. The last film I saw Jake in was Southpaw, which itself was great and it was awesome to see him back on the screen again, I feel like he portrays Quinten really well.

Quitin Beck makes an appearance on Earth to defend it from the Elementals who destroyed his previous home, an Earth in a different part of the multiverse. Though Quintin provides a hand in helping to defend the earth from the different Elementals, we soon discover that there is a bigger threat at large, one looking to destroy a legacy and to out to reveal the truth, or at least what they believe to be the truth.

The film runs at 2 hour 15 minutes and is a perfect length of time, I honestly went into it expecting to be disappointed following on from how great and pure Avengers:Endgame was, however Spider-Man ticked every box. The film has enough time to provide character development but also to have enough action to keep it interesting and keep the film moving along nicely. I will warn you now however that you need to sit through all the credits, there is a major cliff hanger mid credits and a big reveal post credits but it is definitely worth a wait. I mean who doesn’t wait until after the credits for a Marvel film at this point?

Though I feel like I could go on and on with how many great points there is to this film, the one final one I will mention is the little call backs to the previously films. This next sentence is a minor spoiler somewhat so if you want to know nothing about the film, then move onto the next section now. There is one specific scene that really stood out to me, in which Peter is in the plane making his suit ready to battle, Happy says he will sort the music and puts on Back in Black by ACDC, which for those long term fans of the series will remember was the opening song in Iron Man when Tony was travelling in the vehicle in the desert.  This scene not only stood out to me as it reminded me how awesome the first Iron Man film was, it also reminded me how much I love ACDC and what a good song it is for the gym.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (The bad and yes, I went there)

Though the negatives were few and far between, it has to be said, I felt like this film could have used Mysterio to create a backstory for the Sinister Six, consisting of Mysterio,Sandman,Vulture,Electro and Kraven the Hunter. Given how Vulture was defeated in the previous film this would be an unlikely setup now but a fan could only wish. I remember seeing the Sinister Six story line as a child in the cartoon and it was one I am fond of to this very day, similar to the Green Ranger introduction for those fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The disappointment I felt having discovered there was no follow up to Amazing Spiderman 2 after the introduction of Rhino, alongside the other costumes infuriates me to this today, so that is that.

The other real negative that I could find is the lack of suits, from what I can recall there is 3 or 4 in total, however if memory treats me well we didn’t see the return of the Iron Spider suit from Endgame, or at least it wasn’t used to its true potential even though that suit was awesome. Arguably the variation is still better then the original trilogy and the Amazing Spiderman two films, however I still feel quite disappointed but at least it is open for future improvement.

My Overall Lewis Feels (You will get it once you’ve seen it)

So here it is…the grand number….and it is an 8/10 from me. Though there was slight negatives that I could pick at based on my childhood memories of the cartoon, the film stood out as being one of the best in the spiderman franchise, whilst also being different and it is definitely up there with some of my favourite Marvel films. I saw this on two for one but it is worth it even at full price, Tom Holland best turn up to a UK convention at some point soon, if he is there then I will be there.


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