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Swiped (2018) Film Review

– Is this modern day dating?

Swiped is a 2018 film that is currently available on Netflix and is one of them films which you see sits at 3.6/10 on IMDB (at the time of writing this) and you ask yourself why you are willing to give it go. The film is based around James, a college freshmen, who is wanting to get with the love of his life but is socially awkward and doesn’t know what to do. This results in him being invited to develop a hookup app called Jungle, in which males and females sign up and meet for hookups but never learn any details of one another and can only ever meet twice. I thought that it would be interesting to watch given the dating apps out there currently, Tinder,Plenty of Fish and Bumble etc and admittedly half the time I end up enjoying these fratboyish films.

So having sat through this film for just over an hour and a half was it worth it worth my time of day? It’s discussion time.


Why to swipe right.

So I went into the film honestly not expecting much and it was one of them I’m bored, lets see what is kicking about on Netflix moments and it was on the hompage so I thought fudge it, why not. I definitely wouldn’t say this film is for everybody, but has one of them niche audiences for sure, I feel like it’s one of them films you would enjoy if you like the American Pie Book of Love film, or Cougar Hunting (which nobody reading this has probably heard of). It’s just a dumb but fun film which you can tell didn’t have a large budget but tries it’s best to be something.

Even though you can tell it feels like a budget film, I feel like it does actually represent modern day society, not in regards to people wanting hookups but more showing how people meet people online rather then talking in person. It shows how we have been disconnected from one another and it is probably more common to meet your next partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, through  a phone screen by swiping and talking to them rather then meeting somebody face to face when out and about.

The final positive point to make was that the acting wasn’t actually terrible, there is some films similar to this one I have seen before where you feel like they are just walking round filming somebody, rather then actually telling a story and trying to make something of it, an example of this being 2014’s Alpha House which I turned off in about 15-20 minutes. The main two cast who stand out to me are Kendall Ryan Sanders who plays the main lad James, alongside Shelby Wulfert who plays his love interest Hannah, who according to IMDB stared in Disney’s Live and Maddie.


Why to swipe left.

So now onto the bad, first of all as I stated in the opening paragraph the movie sits at 3.6/10 on IMDB, now given how I normally ignore IMDB scores as some of the films I actually really enjoy sit at about 5 or 6, I thought I would ignore this. Now by doing so I honestly feel like I sat through to film to form my own opinion and share it with you guys, and boy am I glad I did. To put it honestly, unless you have seen and thoroughly enjoy the later and less rated American Pie films then I would give this a miss, okay – maybe watch it if you have been out and have had a few too many beverages.

The film feels like one of those films you used to pick up in the dumpster at Blockbuster having nothing to really gloat about, I mean the cast are unrecognisable. Though the storyline is there, it doesn’t make you want to keep watching, if anything you feel like you half got half way through and might as well see how it ends, even though you already know from having seen every other film ever.

The final negative point to make is that it feels like it is really, really, weak in comparison to films such as the Social Network. Now before you read too much into this, I know and appreciate the Social Network has big stars and is about Mark Zuckerberg but that’s just it, why watch a cheaply made comedy when you can watch or even rewatch the Social Network knowing it is great. I feel like this might be a harsh to say but I know there is better comedies out there, and whilst it was good to give this film a try, I wouldn’t rewatch it and I feel like there was at least 20 minutes in which I was just looking into the corners of the TV as my mind was becoming numb.


So would I superlike it?

Overall I am going to give this film a 4/10. Considering how much hate I give it in the later part of the negatives section I feel this is quite generous. No the film isn’t big budget and filled with the biggest stars but it’s okay, it is what it is and as I have repeated previously, if you like frat films or the later American Pie films then maybe give it a go, even have it on the in the background whilst you are doing something else if anything.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope this article helps you to decide whether you want to spend time or not on this film and have a great day.


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