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What made Avenger’s Endgame awesome?

What made Marvel’s Endgame Awesome (Spoilers Ahead!)

So, having now seen Endgame twice and having given it a couple weeks for people to see it, I thought it was finally time to discuss what made the film so epic and made it stand out to me as the best out the franchise so far. Please note that this isn’t going particularly well-structured and will just be my thoughts as they come to my head.

Our heroes assembled!

After having seen all the Marvel film’s so far, except for Thor:Dark World which I will see it at some point, the words have not yet been uttered ‘Avenger’s Assemble’, so when it came to Captain America finally saying that in the end act of the movie it was brilliant. It signified the strength of all the characters joining together in battle after a long five years and had them bring with them every ounce of power they had, even Captain Marvel showed up to lend a hand.
Though I felt like the end fight scene in Infinity War was really satisfying, especially given Thor’s landing and the whole ‘BRING ME THANOS!!!’, I thought this topped it off as it included not only the characters we know and love but also some new characters. It was satisfying to see Pepper Potts fighting in battle alongside Tony,especially given her brief time in the suit in Iron Man 3.

The Stakes were High

Time and time again, we see it where the lack luster villain comes along threatening our favourite heroes whilst not really being a real threat and being bested quite easily in some cases. Not in this film though, even after Thanos’s head being swiftly removed with a stormbreaker slash (good one Thor), he is still posing a threat once again when our heroes go back in time. Given that two of the original Avengers sacrificed themselves for the greater good in this film, it shows how even the fan favourites won’t always be undefeatable and it showed true heroism.
Personally having gone into the film, I expected one big death, so when Blackwidow gave herself up for the soul stone I thought that was it. To show that and hit the audience emotions wasn’t enough though and Iron’ Man’s sacrifice really brought it home, to have Tony end it all with the phrase ‘I am Iron Man’ truly did bring the series round in a full circle and was a nice nod to the original Iron Man film.

The Emotions

For me, this sort of ties into both the previous two points but this was forefront of the film and showed how superhero films aren’t just a goodie with powers trying to outdo the forces of evil. This film produced a range of emotions,from laughing to smiling to crying, it hit every emotion and more showing how attached you can become to your favourite heroes 20 odd films later (not that any of us are counting).
Call me ruthless but I wasn’t all that upset by Blackwidow’s death and it was only really when Tony died that I thought f#dge me that’s the tissues coming out, given Tony is just a billionaire in a suit he was and always be one of my personal favourite superheroes. I even had to hold myself back slightly as I found myself wanting to shout ‘Let’s go boys!’ when the group starting towards Thanos and his sidekicks.

The Geekiness

Remember that one time in band camp…wait wrong film series! Okay but can you remember that one time in Avengers:Age of Ultron where Captain America teased Thor by nearly lifting Mjolnir in front of everybody, well it turns out how he was bloomin worthy after all. The first time I saw that there was a bit of a gasp in the cinema and that gasp was well deserved, for me that tops the Thor landing moment in Infinity War and if you think otherwise then maybe you are wrong, just kidding everybody is entitled to their opinions.
Not only that but the return of the Hulkbuster suit again, whilst it might be of major interest to some people I have loved that suit since seeing it be used in attempt to put Hulk to sleep in Age of Ultron, and to see it utilised time after time is awesome. To me, it’s the little thing like this which I love as it goods to see callbacks to previous films much like the ‘I can do this all day’ line from Captain America talking to future Captain America, as it makes watching and knowing all the films so worthwhile.


So to me, that pretty much briefly summarises why I love and will continue to love watching Endgame, it brings something new whilst also not forgetting it’s roots and showing that hero’s come in many different forms. If you have seen Endgame then let me know what you thought,if not then I hope you are seeing it soon and you haven’t had too much ruined for you.


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