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Yesterday (2019) Movie Poster

Yesterday Movie Review – Will you want to remember it tomorrow?


So having recently watched Rocketman, I went into Yesterday expecting a more light hearted story, not based upon real life but rather based on an idea in which one of the greatest bands of all time didn’t exist. Yesterday is a film staring Himesh Patel as our main character Jack Malik whom you might know from Eastenders, alongside Lily James playing Ellie his manager and love interest.

The film start with Jack playing at a local gig as a failing musician and deciding to give up, knowing that he isn’t good enough and that his songs will never be appreciated by anybody but his small group of friends. This is until he is hit by a bus whilst on his bike during a freak electrical power cut that occurs across the world for 12 seconds. He then proceeds to get a recovery gift, a guitar to replace the one that was smashed in the crash on which he begins to play The Beatles. His friends and managered are confused, not recoginising the song which then proceeds to him questioning why nobody rememberes The Beatles but him.

The film then continues to see Jack rise to being famous by playing the Beatles songs and along the way he meets some interesting charcaters, including Ed Sheeran who takes a liking towards Jack and asks him to play on tour with him.


The High Notes

First of, I want to say how this was a nice change from the movies that i have seen recently, rather then being another biography, it was nice to see this comedy with a nice music orientated twist. Admittedly I personally enjoyed this over the recent John Elton biography ‘Rocketman’ but then arguably the two aren’t comparable because of the different genres. This is more of a passive comment and is majoritvely down to the fact I am more acustomed to The Beatles music. Without going furter into detail, if you are a fan of The Beatles then I would undoubtedly watch it without even continuing to read this review.

I feel like I have recently always brought up the cast in the positive area with every film I have reviewed, however it is a factor that can easily make or break any film, for example I had high hopes for the Fanstastic Four reboot given it had Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan in it, though I was then disappointed by the story telling and overall direction of the film. Anyway getting back onto topic, I haven’t ever watched Eastenders but was pleased by Himesh’s part, his performance of the classic Beatles songs are excellent and the soundtrack  will be making its way onto my spotify. It was also refreshing to Lily James again, especially after her performance in ‘Baby Driver’, which by the way is a much watch. The majority of the film I was trying to workout where I recognised her from, for some reason I had it implanted into my mind that she was in ‘The Inbetweeners’.

The final point I would bring up in this section is the story, I am not really one for a love story other then ‘That Awkward Moment’ which I have dicussed in a seperate article but I really enjoyed it in this film. Our main characters really work well with one another and a great match, it feels like a genuine realationship and doesn’t feel forced unlike other films in which there is no real emotion. Though this wasn’t the main story of the film, as it was more focused around Jack’s rise to fame and the difficulties that he faces with the success and with a couple others bumps in the road along the way, such as moody manager who particularly has a disliking to Liverpool, I mean she is wrong as Liverpool is ace.


The Flats

So the negatives, well I think I should mention that if you are not a fan of The Beatles, then this isn’t the one for you. Yes, you can enjoy the film for what is is but unless you have an appreciation for their musc then you are going to feel lost, I have heard somebody say before they dislike them, I mean I think their opinion is wrong but still. I felt like that the reason I didn’t truly appreciate Rocketman was because I have never took the time to listen to Elton’s music, thererore I didn’t really have the connection with it like other people have.

Another point to mention is that this is a light hearted, slap dash film and is not one to be taken seriously. The film is heavily comedy based consisting of one liners and it doesn’t want to be taken seriously, or at least it didn’t in my eyes, so don’t go into it expecting the film to be filled with facts and figures about the background of The Beatles.

It is at this point that I am struggling to find anymore negatives in the film, it is one of them ‘it is what it is’ films and you’ll either appreciate it for what it is, or you won’t, there is no real inbetween, think the whole marmite – you will either love it or hate it. I don’t think I will be rewatching the film any time soon but it won’t be one that I would never watch again.


Did it strike the right chord?

Overall I would give the film a 6.5/10, though the film was really good in my eyes, I feel like it could have benefited from either being slightly shorter or could have done with having longer renditions of the songs, some of them were just cut down to 30 seconds when Jack was first playing them and this just didn’t cut it for me. I would definitely 2 for 1 it or would give it a miss if you don’t appreciate The Beatles music or if you aren’t interest in the concept of the film.



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